Exploring Horseshoe Bend

Growing up in Arizona, I had always heard about this epic place called Horseshoe Bend. What’s crazy, is that I never visited it until I was 29 years old! While a popular destination for tourists, many Arizona locals have never been. Located up near Page, Arizona (just south of Lake Powell and the Utah border), the parking lot is easily missed. If you’re heading north on Hwy 89, it’s just 2 miles south of the town of Page. There’s an arch over the dirt entry to a primitive parking lot. Look for tour buses in a dirt parking lot and you should be in the right place!

After a short hike (we’re talking about a quarter mile or less) over a small hill, you’ll be greeted with this epic view…

If you’re visiting with kids, or husbands who like to push the limits, prepare yourself because there are no barriers between you and the cliffs.

At the base of Horseshoe Bend, for those lucky enough to “run” the river (via boat, kayak, paddle board or raft) there’s an awesome primitive campground right on the bend!

Adventure Awaits,


  1. Velma Leiby says:

    You did it justice, Lindsi !

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