This Crazy Adventure

Welcome to the all new Lindsi Rian Photography! Many know me as the person who’s always out exploring and finding new adventures around every corner. Being outdoors is a major part of who I am, so much so that I have a mountain tattoo on my forearm that has it’s own hashtag (#lindsirianhikes)!


(Taken at Arches National Park 2016)

Besides having a deep love for the outdoors, I am also a self-proclaimed Dutch Bros loyalist. No really… I’m slightly obsessed! Every chance I get to drive through those amazing blue coffee love shacks, I take full advantage; a medium light iced German chocolate or white annihilator are my go-to drinks. If I could make a living off Dutch Bros gift cards AND not gain a ton of weight, you better believe that I’d be all over it! I also love exposing people to the amazing creamy goodness, so if you ever tell me that you’ve never had it, be prepared for a road trip to the nearest location!


My hope for this blog is to not only share epic photo sessions, but my personal adventures along with outdoors tips and tricks as well. Be on the lookout for awesome hiking locations, gear reviews, and camping tips in addition to what to wear ideas, advice on how to prepare for an outdoor session, and so much more!

Please roam around the new website and let me know what you think! I’m always looking for new people to adventure with, so let me know what you enjoy and let’s get out there!

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